Democracy Pendant Necklace Silver ~ Choose Your Bead

With the purchase of each necklace you are supporting the enterprising women in Nairobi who hand craft each unique Fair Trade Kazuri bead. Through micro entrepreneurship women all over the world become more valuable and equal members of a democratic society.  

The Democracy Bracelet is a beautiful reminder of the importance of  justice for all. You'll feel proud to wear this symbolic jewelry which supports equality for women.

A stunning African Adinkra symbol for democracy dangles from a single Fair Trade Kazuri bead as a beautiful reminder to practice these principles on a daily basis, whether in small ways with your family, friends and neighbors, or on larger scale as you promote women in government, pursue positions of influence or encourage others to do so.

  • Artistic Fair Trade Kazuri bead
  • Silver-plated pewter Adinkra Democracy charm
  • Silver-plated beads & 18" chain 

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