Our Little Desert Flower

I'm thrilled to introduce our first Little Desert Flower, Musu Sesay from Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Thanks to the support of all my customers, Kazuri Couture has become her sponsor through the Desert Flower Foundation.

Through this sponsorship program, young girls threatened by FGM are being protected from the painful tradition, and through sponsored education, receive the chance to lead a self-determined and healthy life.

By signing a sponsorship contract with the Desert Flower Foundation, the parents agree not to have their daughter cut, commit to send her to school, and have her checked regularly by a doctor. In exchange, they parents receive monthly financial aid to cover school costs, and free medicine and medical checks for their daughter.

The physical integrity as well as the health and education of our "godchild" is thus continuously ensured.

I am grateful to all my customers' support in enabling us to save a little Desert Flower and support her on her life’s journey.

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