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Have you ever seen such joy at work? The women who make Kazuri beads are filled with gratitude for the opportunity to support themselves and their families, and most of them are single mothers. Through this Fair Trade business, these creative women are assured a fair wage, and receive health care and childcare.

Kazuri beads create "hope from the earth of Africa."

Kazuri Couture is filled with joy as well. You'll feel it when you wear it, knowing that your jewelry is helping women in Kenya secure employment. Maybe you'll even feel like singing and dancing! If not, at least you'll be proud to wear Kazuri Couture and share the story behind it.

Kazuri Couture's mission is  - "Lifting Spirits & Uplifting Lives."

Kazuri, a Swahili word which means “small and beautiful,” is an appropriate name for these artistic beads. I chose the word couture, which brings to mind "high-end" designer fashion, because my goal is to lift these beads up to the level of distinction they deserve.

Kazuri beads are "small & beautiful."

symbol   My logo is actually the West African Andinkra symbol for independence - a perfect fit for jewelry which helps women lead independent lives. 

Kazuri Couture supports women's independence.

We all know great jewelry is a powerful conversation piece. I encourage you to get noticed wearing Kazuri Couture and start a meaningful conversation about making the world a better place for women through socially conscious shopping - shopping for good.

Be creative as you accessorize. Add an element of purpose to your wardrobe, and have your jewelry make a meaningfull statement. Let’s raise each other up as women joined in a global community of strength and support, helping each other to live creative, independent lives.

Ellen M. Norcott

Designer / Visionary

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