About Me

Hello! I'm a starry-eyed, late-blooming boomer who dreams of helping women all over the world have a better life. For now, I've narrowed that overly ambitious idea to helping the women in Kenya who make Kazuri Beads. No fancy third-person bio here. It's just me - Ellen - whose name means "light." When I learned that a few years ago, it helped me understand the constant urge to do "something great" to help other women.

Kazuri beads stole my heart the moment I first saw them. So many colors, patterns and shapes, and each bead was handmade and painted by a woman in Kenya! That thought blew me away as I held a bead in my hand and felt the smooth surface, along with a strange, but heartwarming connection. Right then and there, I decided to combine my passion for creating jewelry with a real purpose - helping to provide employment for these talented women.
I say starry-eyed, because I have big dreams - and one really big one in particular! 

Through Kazuri Couture Jewelry, I intend to elevate these little works of art to the level of distinction they deserve - while helping to raise the standard of living for the women who create them.

I want to influence those who are blessed with fame and fortune to wear Kazuri Couture -and other socially conscious fashion and accessories.
I envision those gorgeous, immensely talented  and influential women on the red carpet being asked, “what are you wearing” and hearing them proudly say ”Kazuri Couture!”

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